Coaching on the job


Our customer has been expanding its business and hired many new employees.

Those new hires in Telesales as well as some of the current team have not had any kind of sales skills development so far. Therefore, we wanted these employees to feel confident communicating with customers and to professionalize their outbound calling skills.

In a foundation workshop participants gained active selling competencies and reflected their previous sales and telephone behavior with regards to customer needs.

After that, each participant benefited of an on-the-job-coaching where a coach observed them while they were alking with real customers. Part of these coaching sessions was a reflection of communication behaviour and mind-set. The coach and coachee worked together during those coaching sessions to develop ways to broaden the sales behaviour and communication style of the coachees. Between the coachings employees could practise these new standards to gain experiences and reflections.

Training + Individual Coaching

Banking / Real Estate


3 months

Training + Coaching on the job