Leadership transformation program


The merger between two telecommunication companies had a huge impact on the leadership teams – it created a lot of uncertainty for those leaders, who worked for the „overtaken“ company.

The objective of our transformation process was to support and prepare those leaders across all business units and hierarchies in their multiple challenges.

We developed a program called „Leading in Transition“, which was based on the latest research about success factors in merger situations. These are:

Intensive communication, focus on operations and customers, keeping motivation high, creativity and involvement, offering presence and support to people and dealing with politics.

We offered three classroom modules, which covered the above-mentioned topics in the following structure: “Leading Myself in Transition”, “Leading my Team in Transition” and “Leading the Transition”.

All levels of leaders had been involved (150 people) and went through the program including optional individual coaching sessions as well as further dialogue formats of exchange and input with the Executive Board as well as external speakers.

96% of all participants rated the program as being excellent and very supportive. 98% even felt well prepared for the merger and the upcoming changes. Many of the leader are still in similar or even higher leadership positions.

Change Management / Leadership Development


Across all business units

1 year

Transformation and change process incl. training, coaching and dialogue formats