Mindful Leadership


A high number of burn-out affected employees has been the starting point to kick off a number of activities around how to lead mindfully within the organization. The training program aims at raising consciousness for personal stress patterns as well as understanding how to balance stress for the leader as well as for their teams. During the day, we look into inner drivers that everybody has developed to cope with stressful situations and how these enhance the already existing stress level. We use vision work to widen the personal view onto priorities and support factors in life. We added sport elements over lunch and invite participants to learn an easy relaxation technique to calm body and mind during a stressful day. Though everybody knows more or less where stress comes from and its effects, participants enjoy the day with its different views on the issue including the open discussion how to support the own team to better cope with stressful episodes.



Across business units

1 day

Training, personal work, vision work, mindfulness relaxation techniques